Several weeks ago I injured muscles and nerves working out on a Total Gym. At the time i didn't realize I had done damage to my body. Several days later I was in so much pain that I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I had muscle pain in my upper back, pain in my neck, and jaw. I woke up in the middle of the night with pain in my left arm from underarm to my hand. It was terrible pain that would not ease up no matter what I did. The ER doctor said my heart was fine and he thought it was muscular/skeletal. The doctor prescribed steroids and pain relievers and told me to follow up with my family doctor. Several days later I went to my family doctor and she recommended I try massage therapy. The pain was so intense I couldn't imagine having someone massage my arm! The pain kept me from doing anything, my work, no driving, no sleep....just pain. A week later i went for an MRI. They checked my spine, not my arm and found no damage which was good but still no relief from the pain. So after a trip to the ER, my doctor, an MRI, taking prescriptions, over $700 in medical expenses (my part after insurance paid) and I was not getting better. After two weeks in pain, losing sleep, having to sleep in the recliner because I couldn't lie down...I was ready to try anything. I remembered a friend who had gone into massage therapy. I got her number and gave her a call. Janie Day Owner of DAYDREAMS THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE got me in that same day. I told Janie what had happened and where the pain was. She ask about the MRI results and if I was taking and meds. She went to work and found the worse damage under my arm where the Latissimus Dorsi muscle attaches under the arm pit. After 15 minutes of working on that area the excruciating pain that had been constant for two weeks was gone!!! I went back two days later and it was better each time I went. I just can't say enough how thankful I am. The cost of massage therapy was so much less than all the medical expense and yet it was worth so mcu more in the way it began the "healing process" for my body. I am now a strong believer in massage therapy, especially when you find someone who knows what they are doing! That is hy I recommend Janie Day and have been telling all my friends about her.

Thanks again Janie and keep up the good work! "And let the beauty of the Lord our GOD be upon us and establish the work of our hands for us, yes establish the work of our hands" Psalm 90:17

Client Cindy



Treating myself to an hour of Janie Day's massage is the highlight of every month for me. I'm a mechanic and I'm on my feet using my muscles everyday and so having Janie expertly work out the kinks and knots is something I really look forward to. Janie knows her stuff and like any true professional listens carefully to my request and works my problem areas in just the right way even if I can't tell her exactly what I need. She is attentive to my needs and is responsive to the way my body reacts and is able to fine tune her approach without any coaching. It's almost as if she can read my mind.!! It's obvious that Janie enjoys what she is doing because she is so good at it and so generous with her time. Janie is gifted and has found her calling.

Ben, Huntsville, Alabama


Janie is the best.!!  I had back surgery 3 years ago and she has been able to keep me moving and out of pain. I also have shoulder pain and muscle spasms in my left shoulder from the work I do. Janie gets in there around my scapula and performs trigger point therapy to relieve the pain. She is wonderful.!!

Kim, Huntsville, Alabama


In the mid 90's I developed minor back and sciatic nerve issues. Massage therapy had been recommended to me both by physicians and my chiropractor along with a series of stretches and exercises. Over the years I have had several different therapists but have not settled with one until a friend Janie Day decided to become a massage therapist and open DayDreams Therapeutic Massage. I started going to Janie while she was in training at Madison School of Massage Therapy and I am pleased with the quality of massage and her knowledge of the inner workings of our muscles, nervous system, reducing anxiety levels, treating migraines, and pain issues. Massage has been a huge key to my physical and mental health and helps alleviate pain discomfort due to my condition.

Thank you Janie, Client for life

Atha, Huntsville, Alabama







Janie is one of the best therapist I have ever gone to. She is very professional, considerate, and her technique is awesome.! Most of us who work at a desk all day everyday hold stress in our back and neck. I also suffer from severe arthritis and Janie gives me days of relief. After a session with her my muscles are totally relaxed and I feel renewed in mind and spirit. I would highly recommend Janie for any and all her services. Try it, you will keep coming back.!

Lillian, Huntsville, AL


"Janie Day od DayDreams Therapeutic massage is an expertise and professional in her field. I have been going to see Janie every two weeks since early September 2011. She has worked on several problem areas for me and she keeps me fit and able to move with more flexibility. I've also started exercising more and her massages help tremendously with regular muscle soreness. I always look forward to my appointments with Janie, she really takes the stress away in a relaxes professional enviroment."

~Carol Marks~ Writer/Blogger

Huntsville, AL




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